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Game shows are the perfect venue to test your skills and knowledge about a certain subject. The American Bible Challenge is a wonderfully designed new game show that allows the players to participate in this contest and if they win, bless their favorite Charity with much needed funds.

Jeff Foxworthy is the funny host of this unique and exciting game show. Players compete to win money for all different types of organizations that help others. Some of the recipients are hospitals, churches, homeless shelters and other noteworthy places that care for humanity. Heartwarming personal testimonies shared during the show are truly inspiring and uplifting.

Foxworthy shares about his own Christian walk and encourages doing good unto others and making a lasting difference wherever it is possible. His humor is infused with faith filled life giving words that leave a smile but most important a deep impression with the viewers.

He presents questions from the Bible and guides the contestants through several rounds until one group wins the championship. Each show begins with three teams and there are three contestants in each team.

Foxworthy presents a story from the Bible and gives the players the opportunity to answer questions presented from the scriptures. The contestants can earn points by pressing the buzzer and answering correctly. They can also loose points and this will give the opponent an opportunity to receive points for their team.

The next round brings and interesting challenge called the "Faith book." This is very similar to the well-known face book and the teams will get a chance to guess who posted certain quotes.

Several additional rounds will challenge the contestants to know characters, places and events all throughout the Bible. The teams will play and move forward and reach higher levels that lead to additional funds for their charities. The American Bible Challenge is the perfect game for the believer in the Holy Book and gives them the opportunity to do and give more than they ever could on their own. The much needed money will truly make a difference in the recipients lives but most of all will make a lasting difference in the givers life.

3 Seasons, 26 Episodes - New Series
August 23, 2012
Game Show
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  • Teams answer questions about the Bible.

  • Teams answer questions about the Bible.

  • Teams answer questions about the Bible.

  • Teams answer questions about the Bible.

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