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The Andy Milonakis Show is a sketch-comedy series airing on MTV and MTV2 in the United States. It spans three seasons and stars Andy Milonakis as himself in various sketches that take place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York. The supporting cast of the series is made up of Milonakis's friends and neighbors, as well as random people on the streets of the city around him. The series does not follow a specific plot or story, as it is all various silly sketches between Andy and the rest of the cast. Oftentimes the series shows Milonakis playing outrageous pranks on his various friends and neighbors, and even the general public.

The Andy Milonakis Show aired for three seasons

3 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Canceled
June 26, 2005
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The Andy Milonakis Show Full Episode Guide

  • Andy writes the great American novel, incinerates a stranger on the street, and electrocutes Ralphie. Also look out for a brand new episode of The Lower East Side Dysfunctional Monster Gang Squad Family Cartoon Show and a very special appearance from Bow Wow.

  • Andy plays Dr. Surgeon on the new soap opera, "All My Hospitalized Children's Cove" and gets his hand cut off by Ralphie. He also ambushes two delivery men and gets a weird work out from Paul Reubens."

  • Andy teaches Ralphie to vibrate and in exchange Ralphie steals Andy's voice. Andy learns Aerobics from a delivery guy and then pokes his own eye out with a harpoon. Why is Andy so stupid? Ask Akon. Andy did.

  • Andy interrogates suspects on the street, goes camping with Ralphie, and debuts his new sports drink. Three 6 Mafia pelt Andy with insults and butter and Andy feels sick.

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