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The Annoying Orange is a half hour comedy show aired on the Cartoon Network weekly. Annoying Orange was first introduced by Dane Boediheimer in 2009. Boedigheimer was a former Minnesota film student who produced the show as an internet web series. It built a huge following online, and was added to the Cartoon Network in 2012.

The show centers around the main character, for whom the show is named: The Annoying Orange. Orange, and his anthropomorphic friends Pear, Passion, Grapefruit, Little Apple, Marshmallow, and Grandpa Lemon travel through time in a magical fruit car finding adventures along the way. Boedigheimer plays the voice of Orange as well as Pear with Justine Ezarik as Passion.

The focus of the show remains on the Annoying Orange whose main gimmick is a series of crude jokes and insults. Many episodes focus on Orange's relentless insults and heckling, which normally lead to the target meeting an untimely death, often at the point of a weapon such as a chef's knife, a blender, or a pinwheel.

Orange has a series of behaviors that he tends to repeat often yelling at other characters, saying "Hey (name of character)" until they respond. When he does not like a specific character, he will refer to them as "an apple" repeatedly.

In essence, the show is based on the Annoying Orange living up to his name. Through the a fore mentioned behaviors, coupled with burping, crude noises made with his tongue (and other anthropomorphic body parts).... anything to make himself the center of attention and of course, annoying!

The Annoying Orange is intended to appeal to those for whom crude, sophomoric humor is of interest. Often the repetitious nature of the show is appealing to younger children who tend to relate. With one billion channel views on the web Annoying Orange has achieved a modicum of success outside the internet realm, with off shoot likes of merchandise, toys, and video games based upon the show.

Monday 8:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
6 Seasons, 203 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 9, 2009
Animation & Cartoons
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  • The League of Food Overlords demand that the fruits surrender, but Orange must prevent it from happening.

  • The League of Food Overlords demand that the fruits surrender, but Orange must prevent it from happening.

  • The gang encounters a banana with a monocle. High fructose adventures ensue.

  • Orange and a selfish king engage in a battle royale; Viking fruits explore the sea.

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