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Where the law is not enough, criminals can roam free, and injustice is around every corner, sometimes something more is needed. Something like The Batman. Gotham City has a silent protector in the shadows--a vigilante in the guise known as Batman. He is a dark hero with every special gadget known to man (and some that are not), a sleek Batmobile, his own secret base, and even the ever-reliable butler Alfred Pennyworth (Voice: Alastair Duncan).

Meet Bruce Wayne (Voice: Rhino Romano), rich, famous, and the young man who becomes Gotham's Batman when the dangerous nights loom long and dark. As every foe from every corner slowly tumbles out, Batman must go up against them all for the sake of justice, and Gotham's safety--and avoid the law itself as it brutally condemns the chaotic free spirit in the name of 'justice' that Batman embodies.

Expect plenty of classic Batman villains to appear like: The Joker (Voice: Kevin Michael Richardson), a lunatic with a sick sense of humor and sicker sense of fun; Catwoman (Voice: Gina Gershon), a sly and quick-footed thief whose home is the night just as much as Batman's; and Rupert Thorne (Voice: Victor Brandt), a thug and a gangster with only riches and himself on his mind.

The Batman is an animated TV series produce by Warner Bros. Animation, based on the superhero from DC Comics of the same name--though the show does not follow the continuity of any other Batman-related storylines such as comics or movies. The Batman was created by Michael Goguen and Duane Capizzi and is of the action, mystery/suspense, and superhero genres. Character designs were done by Jeff Matsuda, from Jackie Chan Adventures. There are 5 seasons with 65 episodes total. The Batman is great for young audiences as well as old fans of the superhero. The series has won six Daytime Emmy Awards.

The CW
5 Seasons, 65 Episodes - Canceled
September 11, 2004
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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The Batman Full Episode Guide

  • The Justice League must battle androids with all of their powers, as well as a new Joining invasion.

  • Batman and Green Arrow discovered that the super-powered members of the Justice League have been disappearing one by one. The trail of disappearances leads to Hugo Strange... and his mysterious allies.

  • When Black Mask and the Shadow Thief team up to rob the Gotham Gem Depository, their respective nemeses Batman and Hawkman must join forces to stop them.

  • Batman and Robin meet their criminal twins, Wrath and Scorn, a dynamic duo dedicated to helping villains. Matters get even morecomplicated when Batman and Wrath uncover each other's secret identity.

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Warner Bros. Bringing A New Animated 'Batman' Series To TV

According to Super Hero Hype, Warner Bros. Animation Executive VP of Creative Affairs Sam Register explained that a new Batman animated series will delve deep into the stories of Batman's most obscure foes, since he said there are "too many" Joker stories.

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