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Series Length:1 Season, 6 Episodes

Noel Fitzpatrick is a revolutionary veterinarian. He helps animals by rebuilding part for them with metal structures and implants. This 6-part series follows Dr. Fitzpatrick and his ground-breaking work.

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  • Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick must attempt a rare, do-or-die operation that has only been carried out twice. Ianto, a 9-year-old Corgi, has an infected cancerous growth eating away at his foot, and the only way to save him is to amputate. Enter the O.R. and witness the groundbreaking procedure as vets replace his foot with a custom-made prosthetic. Then meet the next patient, a stray Jack Russell terrier whose need of treatment for a dislocated elbow is overshadowed by his need of a permanent home.

  • An emergency patient rolls into the referral center at 1:00 AM. Fortunately, Dr. Fitzpatrick is there. The admitted workaholic is virtually always on duty and hasn’t seen his home in days. His first patient is thought to have a broken back, and although it turns out to be less serious than originally feared, another emergency is right on its heels. Jolly, a 7-month-old puppy suffers from a painful bone deformity and is in need of care. The Bionic Vet puts all of his surgical and engineering skills into the operation, all the while battling intense fatigue.

  • Dr. Noel Fitzgerald has had remarkable success mending animals no other vet can heal. But even with his revolutionary techniques, there are some animals even he cannot cure. Join the Bionic Vet and his staff as they tend to a puppy whose leg is broken in over 20 places after being trampled by a horse. The bones are in tiny pieces, but it’s the microscopic bacteria from the horse’s hooves that are the biggest concern. Also visiting is Lottie, a cat with a fixed pelvis, who’s about to take her first (reluctant) dip into the center’s hydrotherapy pool.

  • It will take every tool at the vet’s disposal to rebuild and rehab a returning patient and save a cat maimed by a car. To fix cross border collie Sasha’s blown disk, Bionic vet Noel Fitzpatrick must engineer a specially designed bolt to insert into her spine. The procedure involves pins, cement and a high-powered drill. Lottie the cat’s shattered pelvis requires an equally complex, and very expensive surgery. Insurance will only cover so much, but for Lottie, no surgery could mean certain death.

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