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The Bionic Vet is a series that follows Noel Fitzpatrick, the vet. The show revolves around his veterinary office in Surrey. Noel and his team of surgeons and nurses find methods to help animals with problems that normally would require euthanizing the animal. Noel’s office contains the best equipment available on the market. Noel has a team of over 100 vets and essential staff. The methods that Noel and his team perform often have never been performed before. Pet owners from across the country bring their animals to Noel and his staff in attempts to save them when other vets give no hope of recovery.

In one episode Fitzpatrick provides a Collie with a bionic knee and repairs a Chinchilla’s broken bones. In another episode he provides a cat with a new set of feet and a dog a device to help him walk.

This series was developed by James Incledon from the United Kingdom and is aired in English.

Smithsonian Channel
1 Season, 6 Episodes
August 4, 2011
Science & Technology, Reality
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The Bionic Vet Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick must attempt a rare, do-or-die operation that has only been carried out twice. Ianto, a 9-year-old Corgi, has an infected cancerous growth eating away at his foot, and the only way to save him is to amputate. Enter the O.R. and witness the groundbreaking procedure as vets replace his foot with a custom-made prosthetic. Then meet the next patient, a stray Jack Russell terrier whose need of treatment for a dislocated elbow is overshadowed by his need of a permanent home.

  • It will take every tool at the vet's disposal to rebuild and rehab a returning patient and save a cat maimed by a car. To fix cross border collie Sasha's blown disk, Bionic vet Noel Fitzpatrick must engineer a specially designed bolt to insert into her spine. The procedure involves pins, cement and a high-powered drill. Lottie the cat's shattered pelvis requires an equally complex, and very expensive surgery. Insurance will only cover so much, but for Lottie, no surgery could mean certain death.

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