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The Bletchley Circle is a British TV mini-series which focuses on a murder investigation by a group of women who worked during World War II as code breakers for the British military at Bletchley Park. The first season of The Bletchley Circle was originally broadcast by British networks ITV, STV and UTV. Each of the three episodes last for around 45 minutes. Produced by World Productions the show features an impressive cast of British actresses including Anna Maxwell Martin, Rachel Sterling, Sophie Rundell and Julie Graham.

Set in the early 1950s as Britain is still recovering from the economic and physical losses of World War II, four former code breakers responsible for breaking German codes during the war have returned to a life of domesticity. As this simple life proves boring to them the leader of the group of women, Susan Gray begins to look for patterns in a series of unsolved murders in the British capital London. After using household items to compile her theory on the links with the railways entering London used by the female victims Gray takes her theory to the local police station. Because she has not informed people of her past at Bletchley Park Susan is ignored by the police and her theory is thrown out without being looked at.

As the police investigation continues Susan assembles a group of her former fellow female code breakers to assist her in investigating the murders. Through the investigation the group believe a number of men have been framed for the murders of women they did not commit. The investigation by the women leads them to a former British intelligence official called Cavendish who is known to the women through their time working at Bletchley Park. Susan then sets herself up as a potential victim for the killer as she traces her connections to a disused hospital being used by the killer as a shelter. The four code breakers must now work together to unmask the killer before he kills again.

2 Seasons, 7 Episodes
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The Bletchley Circle Full Episode Guide

  • In this Season 2 finale, the women stop traffickers themselves after realizing there is corruption within the police squad.

  • Millie is abducted and the gals uncover a human-trafficking ring.

  • With Alice's life on the line -- it's a race against time to prove her innocence and save her life.

  • This Season 2 premiere begins with Jean trying to reunite the circle so she can prove a Bletchley Park colleague innocent, who's been accused of murder.

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