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The Brady Bunch is a sitcom about an ideal American middle class family. Mike Brady, a widowed architect, meets Carol Martin. The two become a lovely couple and decide to get married. Carol has three lovely girls Marcia, Jan, Cindy. Mike has three boys Greg, Peter, and Bobby. The eight of them and Mike's live in house keeper Alice move into a four bedroom home designed by Mike in Los Angeles.

Raising such a large family has its share of situations that are sometimes very amusing. This riveting story of family and unity is based around all the issues of a typical American household. From sibling rivalries to a family finding unity, this wonderful story of keep you glued to your screen.

This story follows the family as they grow and learn how to be a family together. With the assistance of the always clever and warm-hearted Alice, Carol and Mike adjust and adopt each others children. Watch as the family grows through family fights, dating issues, and simple misunderstandings that will have you rolling with laughter. The problems are primarily based around trying to unite eight very different personalities trying to live peacefully together under one roof.

Many of the family's problems are solved in a very unconventional manner by Mike, who works from home. Through fun family vacations and serious family meetings, you'll feel the tug on your heart from this warm, carefree family. Along the ride you'll see the children, ranging in age from six to thirteen, learn to get along as a family through rivalries and grow up.

Fridays at 8:00 pm on ABC
5 Seasons, 117 Episodes - Canceled
September 26, 1969
Comedy, Family
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The Brady Bunch Full Episode Guide

  • Bobby is selling hair tonic, and Greg is graduating in a few days, so Greg asks if he can buy some. Greg decides to use it, but the problem is, it turns his into a shaggy strawberry-blonde mess.

  • When a mysterious pool table shows up at the house, nobody can figure out who it's from. Bobby starts getting good at it, becoming unbeatable.

  • Cindy thinks she is the next Shirley Temple, so she starts curling her hair, and acting like her. When a talent scout stops by, Cindy tries to impress her.

  • A FBI agent checks Mike's security clearance, so Oliver and Bobby believe that Mike has secret plans. When Sam asks help with a secret project, the boys are convinced that Sam is a Russian spy.

The Brady Bunch News

Ann B. Davis of 'The Brady Bunch' Dies

At 88-years old, Emmy winning actress Ann B Davis, best known for her role as housekeeper Alice on "The Brady Bunch," has passed away. Following a fall in her home on Sunday, Davis died at a San Antonio hospital. Her co-stars remember her.

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