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The Chicago Code is a US TV show that tells the story of a special investigation conducted by the Chicago Police Department as they attempt to uncover the major corruption going on within the local government. The show focuses on the career of a veteran police detective within the Chicago P.D., Jarek Wysocki, who is partnered with an inexperienced detective, Caleb Evers, as they investigate Chicago government corruption.

Within the police department, Wysocki must report to and receive orders from his former partner, Teresa Colvin, who is facing her own fight for acceptance as the first female police superintendent within the Chicago police force. As Wysocki and Evers investigate the links between a Chicago Alderman, Ronin Gibbons, and the members of the Irish Mob operating in Chicago, they are often forced to step outside the accepted rules of the police department.

As the investigations continue, the links between the Irish Mob and members of the Chicago City Government come to the surface through the work of undercover officer Chris Collier. The work of Collier must remain secret, with Wysocki and Evers often under pressure to reveal the source of their information as their investigation continues.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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  • The truth will be revealed for Chicago and the Chicago Police Department. FBI Special Agent Cuyler returns to pay Superintendent Colvin a visit, and Jarek goes to extreme measures to face family issues that have haunted him for years.

  • The case against Alderman Gibbons intensifies when Colvin, Wysocki and Evers struggle to locate a star witness. Meanwhile, Liam takes control as he searches for more evidence.

  • Teresa is motivated to reveal her plan to take on the Chicago Police Department's corrupt promotion system to Gibbons after a hate crime.

  • While Teresa and Jarek prepare for their case against Alderman Gibbons, their effort to clean up Chicago is halted when a deadlocked jury acquits a corrupt city official.

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