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This show follows ten people in a large scale simulation of a global catastrophe. Each of the cast has a job from the real-world that is thought to contribute to the group. A nurse, A doctor, A martial arts instructor, a computer engineer, a machinist, a marine scientist, an independent contractor, a handy man, an aerospace engineer, and a mechanical engineer. Each of these members must work together to survive.

During each episode the group completes certain projects that help to make their lives more comfortable and stable. In the first episode their projects mostly included hygiene with water and establishing drinking supply as well as night patrol. They also take to creating something to cook food on as well as establishing a place for them to sleep. They also find a way using car batteries to create a source of electricity for their home.

During the second episode they decide to build a generator to keep the car batteries charged so they can continue to have electricity. Finding fuel, however is dangerous and not a long term solution. They brainstorm ways to create their own fuel to keep the generator powered. They also have come to terms that the area is not the greatest place if they want to continue to survive. So they make plans to create an escape vehicle.

Throughout the show they go through many realistic events such as running low on food and water. They take a trip to the rive and find fish, fresh fruit and replenish their water supplies. They also encounter marauders as well as illnesses.

They also go through emotional roller-coasters when the spouse of a fellow colonist unexpectedly shows up at their doorstep. The show watches the colonist through their struggles to survive and their attempts to make what they've turned into home comfortable and find ways to bring smiles to everyone's faces during tough times.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes - Returning Series
July 21, 2009
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  • The Colonists counterstrike the militia who have been attacking them. Then they refocus on finishing the escape boat. But before they can leave, VOPA presents the Colonists with one last difficult choice.

  • VOPA returns with unexpected consequences. The Colonists try to prepare themselves for an attack and also try finish the boat to explore for food, resources and escape.

  • A stranger reveals himself and offers food and help, but is it a trap? The Colonists try to determine the possibility of building of boat to search for a better place.

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