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After the Crow movie came out in 1994, staring Brandon Lee as murdered rock singer Eric Draven, became a hit at the box office it was made into a television series. The series was called The Crow: Stairway To Heaven, where Mark Dacacos revised the roll of rock singer Eric Draven and Saline Karsenti played his love and soul mate Shelly.

The show opens with a shorter versing of the original storyline created in the first movie, where Eric returns from the dead to find T Bird and his crew and see they are punished for his and Shelly's murder but unlike the movie, Eric stays alive. A young girl Shelly and he had befriended in life named Sarah played by actress Katie Steward found out Eric was back from the dead by following a crow, which legend claims can carry a soul back from the dead.

The detective Alrecht, played by (Marc Gomes) who had worked on their murder case was a little upset when Eric kept popping into his life. Yet he believed because of Eric's white painted face, black eyes and red lips that Eric was someone pretending to be the dead rock singer as a Halloween prank. As strange thing continue to happen Alrecht began to believe Eric is who he says he is.

All through the twenty two episodes of the show Eric righted wrong in an attempt to get back to the Land of the Dead to be with Shelly. The soundtrack (Never Crossed My Mind) sung by The Painkiller sold well while the series was popular. The show ran for one season, September 25th, 1998 through May 22nd 1999. The 22 episodes came out on DVD in 2005 in a 5 disc box set.

1 Season, 22 Episodes - Canceled
September 25, 1998
The Crow: Stairway To Heaven
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The Crow: Stairway To Heaven Full Episode Guide

  • The leader of the Lazarus Group plans to subvert The Crow and thus destroy Draven in the process.

  • A nightmare leads Draven to someone he hasn't seen in many years.

  • A Crow leads Talon to a distraught mother whose infant daughter has just been kidnapped.

  • Draven visits Funboy in prison and forces him to relive the night he helped kill Draven and Shelly.

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