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This science based children's TV show features twins Tom and Annie Edison, who solve problems with their friends that come up during the course of each show. The twins spend their time with their friend Lance and little brother Paul, who get the twins into various scrapes and also help them find a way out. During each episode a scientific principal is used to help the twins escape their problem, these principals are also presented as animations to make them easy for younger children to understand.

6 Seasons, 78 Episodes - Canceled
October 28, 1982
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The Edison Twins Full Episode Guide

  • Lance and Lulu have decided to get married, but no ones told her parents. As the big moment rapidly approaches, Tom and Annie rush to the aid of their old friend to get everyone to the pool on time.

  • The university computer goes on the fritz and the twins decide to find out why, Armed with software and security codes, Tom traces the footprints of a hacker bent on crashing the system in a countdown to technological chaos.

  • On his way to a Fifties revival dance, Tom thinks he sees a ghost in an abandoned house. Spurred on by Annie, Tom gives the house a through search with his scientific equipment that sends Annie on her own investigation of the illusive apparition.

  • A foulup almost causes Annie to miss her trip to Italy, but a friendly travel agent solves the problem and gets invited to dinner. Nick is jealous and certain the travel agent has ulterior motives and drags Tom into a deadly web of international mystery and intrigue.

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