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The very popular TV show The Exes has plots and characters that audience have fallen in love with. The Exes has characters that happen to be three divorced men: Phil, who happens to be a lady's man, Haskell who loves to be a homebody and Stuart he who recently got divorced and newly single.

The three men eventually end up sharing an apartment and they share it across the hall from their divorce attorney; whom happens to be a female. Not only is she their divorce attorney she is also their landlord. Holly who has never been married introduced Stuart to his new roommates. The problems that soon began with the roommates is the fact that Stuart started to become extremely clingy. Luckily Holly was right across the hall from them to help the roommates from and staying away from catastrophes. Not only did she help the boys avoid catastrophes she also became very close and actively involved in the boys personal life. Eventually she manages to help them find their way in life and they begin to put their lives together and start to date again. Helping the boys helped Holly avoid any type of relationship and commitment issues that she was having.

To make things even more interesting Holly has an assistant that parties had named Eden. Eden makes a point of not letting her professional relationship of getting involved in her boss's personal life. Throughout the show, the 3 men start to realize that all of the issues and problems they have with each other happen to be the same exact issues that previously had with their ex-wives.

Producers and writers have done an amazing jump at writing a story line that makes every episode interesting and funny. Every character has an important role and makes the show even more appealing to watch. It's definitely is one of those type of shows that you never want to miss.

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Wednesday 10:30 PM et/pt on TV Land
4 Seasons, 49 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • There's a big event planned honoring Haskell for his past bowling glory, unfortunately he's quarantined with Phil and Stuart. Holly secretly rewrites Eden's college paper, but it doesn't turn out well.

  • Holly has ulterior motives when she hosts a birthday party for Stuart and Nicky.

  • Haskell's estranged brother shows up and asks him for his kidney. Holly mentors a teenager who ends up liking Eden's job more than hers.

  • Haskell starts dating a beautiful woman, but Phil is convinced she is actually a he. Phil persuades Holly to dress up in drag to try and see if Haskell's date shows any interest. Stuart feels guilty for sleeping with a woman who believes he is a war hero.

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