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Fairy Odd Parents is a family animated fantasy TV show that airs on the popular TV network, Nickelodeon. This TV series is a hilarious and outrageous and its plot is centered on a sweet, lazy ten year old boy called Timmy Turner. Timmy Turner has two parents who always leave him with the evil vicious baby sitter Vicky sometimes known as icky Vicky. Timmy was constantly bullied by Vicky until one day two fairies's called Cosmo and Wanda came along. Cosmo and Wanda introduced themselves as Timmy's new fairy godparents and that they can grant him every wish that he asks for as long as it doesn't violate Da Rules, a strict code of wishes that are allowed and banded. But, Timmy is required to keep the identity of his two new godparents under wraps or they will be taken away forever. Timmy and his godparents must face many opposing forces such as Vicky and Mr. Croker, the crazy, fairy obsessed teacher who is determined to catch Timmy's Fairy godparents. This show features the vocal talents of the following: Tara Strong, Carlos Alazaqur, Susanne Blackestee, Daran Norriss and Grey Delisle.

The characters include:

Timmy Turner: A 10 year old boy who got fairy godparents.

Wanda: Timmy's woman fairy godparent and Cosmos wife who is very respectful.

Vicky: Timmy's evil baby sitter.

Cosmo: Timmy's male fairy godparent who is lacking in the IQ department and is sweet, but he is very dumb.

Mr. Turner otherwise knows as Dad: Timmy's dumb father who works in the pencil industry and is always getting Timmy into crazy situations.

Mrs. Turner, otherwise known as Mom: She is not a caring mother and she always leaves Timmy with Vicky and gets Timmy into many crazy scenarios.

Mr. Croker: Timmy's crazy fairy obsessed teacher who is always plotting on getting his hands on Timmy's fairies.

A.J: Timmy's genius best friend.

Chester: Timmy's dumb and unhygienic best friend who lives in a trailer park.

Jorgen: the head fairy who is scary and is always enforcing Da Rules.

This show is intended for people of all ages, big or small and was created by Butch Hartman.

Daily 8:00 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
9 Seasons, 185 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 30, 2001
Animation & Cartoons
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