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Series Length:1 Season, 6 Episodes
Network: Acorn Media

Movie based on the Classic Novel of the same name.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: 7/10
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6 Amazon Episodes
  • After making a last stand at the embassy, Ash journeys home. There, he learns that Anjuli's husband is near death; she and her sister, Shushila, will have to commit suttee, immolating themselves on his funeral pyre. Ash concocts a desperate plan to save his lover.

  • Ash returns to Mardan, where the Corps of Guides has been fighting across the border. British envoy Cavagnari signs a treaty with Afghanistan's emir and establishes an embassy in Kabul. Wally leads a force to secure the legation, while Ash accepts an assignment to spy among the natives.

  • The procession arrives at Bhithor, where negotiations with the rana do not go well. Forced to camp in a militarily indefensible position, the convoy seems to be at the prince's mercy, but Ash has a few tricks up his sleeve. He also urges Anjuli not to marry the rana.

  • Prince Jhoti arrives to accompany the procession and brings with him Biju Ram, Ash's old enemy. When an attempt is made on Jhoti's life, Ash tries to discover the saboteur in their midst. Meanwhile, his feelings for Anjuli deepen, even though she is en route to wed another man.

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