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The Finder is a television series which is centered around the life of the main character, Walter Sherman. Walter is retired from the army, and at one point, he suffered brain damage when he was caught in a roadside bombing. Now Walter is somewhat eccentric. He is recluse and is often paranoid of people's intentions. However, he also has a very special talent. It seems that Walter is able to find anything for anybody. If something is lost or missing, Walter can find it.

This talent puts Walter in great demand by people looking to solve mysteries. Walter's friends, who include Leo, a one-time attorney who now tries to keep Walter from getting into too much trouble, do the best they can to support him and help him solve the riddles presented to him. During each show, Walter and his friends work with the local police, detectives, or other people who require Walter's services.

Although he sometimes seems normal, Walter's erratic side often comes out. He has a tendency to ask inappropriate or prying questions of his clients. He also considers his ability to find things a compulsion, and can be quite obsessive about achieving his goals. His behavior can be quite manic, but his friends and those he's working with do the best they can to cope with his unique personality.

Throughout the course of the series, the plot lines that follow Walter, his friends, his love interest, and the other people around him grow into a complex and interesting story. No one can ever be sure what Walter or his friends will be challenged with next. In the process, Walter also learns more about himself and how he fits into the larger world.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
Action & Adventure, Drama
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  • Walter visits his dying father and his father asks him to find his first love.

  • A mob boss thinks a voodoo doll was made to be used against him. He wants Walter to find it.

  • Joyce wants Walter to find the man who murdered her father.

  • A family hires Walter to find their missing husband and father but the only thing they have is a partial voicemail he left.

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