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Based on the bestselling legal thriller that made author John Grisham a household name, The Firm is a one-hour NBC series that brings back characters from the novel and its popular Hollywood adaptation for another round of intense courtroom drama. Josh Lucas takes over the central role of attorney Mitch McDeere, who was played by Tom Cruise in the 1993 film. The series finds Mitch beginning to reignite his legal career after a decade spent in a federal witness protection program with his wife and daughter. Soon enough, however, Mitch and his small startup firm begin to face threats from enemies both old and new, and another wide-scale conspiracy involving both high-powered legal players and organized crime syndicates threatens to destroy his new life and career.

Featuring Callum Keith Rennie as Mitch's brother Ray, an ex-convict-gone-straight who works as an investigator for the firm, and Juliette Lewis as Ray's girlfriend Tammy, who also works for Mitch, the series expands on the world created in Grisham's novel and its earlier adaptation. Mitch's wife Abby, an elementary school teacher, and his ten-year-old daughter also play a larger role in the series, which is able to chronicle Mitch's struggles both inside and outside the legal arena.

Created by TV legal drama veteran Lukas Reiter, The Firm is a Canadian-American co-production, filmed in Toronto but set in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Among the series's stable of writers are Emmy Award winner Peter Noah and former lawyer David Feige. The show premiered on January 8, 2012.

1 Season, 24 Episodes - Canceled
January 8, 2012
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  • Ray and Tammy's wedding is overshadowed by a threat. As Patrick Walker's trial begins, Mitch makes a startling discovery that the conspiracy surrounding the case goes deeper than just the mob.

  • Mitch and his team struggle to create a viable defense in Patrick Walker's case, forcing them to begin jury selection haphazardly. Meanwhile, Joey Morolto, Jr. stragizes to regain control over his mob family.

  • Mitch has a challenge arise when his client admits to something that happened in his college days. Abby must make a decision regarding working for Joey Morolto, Jr.

  • Joey Morolto provides Mitch with an opportunity to rectify the McDeeres and the Moroltos. Abby works to preserve her mother's charity and comes to an unexpected realization.

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