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The television series The Gates focuses on the four members of the Monohan family; prior to the show's opening, Nick Monohan has been hired by the suburban community of The Gates as their new sheriff, and he is determined to help his family make a new start far from the scandal that marked his previous position with the Chicago police. However, their new community has a variety of mysterious secrets itself, and Nick feels it is his duty as the new sheriff to try to figure out just what is going on behind the gates.

The first and only season's plot follows the four family members as they begin to try to fit in within their new community. Nick finds that the local disturbances might seem minor but frequently hint at cover-ups; the audience soon discovers that the locals involved are actually vampires. His wife, Sarah, begins to get along with the neighbors but accidentally gets mixed up in an intense rivalry between a pair of witches. Their two kids, Charlie and Dana, both attend the local high school; Charlie falls in love with a succubus just coming into her powers, but clashes with her werewolf ex-boyfriend.

Richard Hatem and Grant Scharbo co-created The Gates; Hatem previously earned his paranormal drama stripes as an executive producer on the CW show Supernatural. The show's two adult leads both have strong backgrounds as well; Frank Grillo and Marisol Nichols, who play the Monohan couple, both had recurring action drama roles prior to their lead roles in The Gates. Rhona Mitra, their next-door neighbor the vampiress, is another recognizable face; the British actress previously appeared on multiple David E. Kelley legal dramedies.

The Gates was a joint production of Fox Television Studios, Little Engine Entertainment and Summerland Entertainment, with Hatem, Scharbo and Gina Matthews as executive producers. The 13 episodes produced aired in hour-long slots on ABC until the conclusion of the show on September 19th of 2010.

1 Season, 14 Episodes - Canceled
June 20, 2010
Drama, Family, Vampire
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The Gates Full Episode Guide

  • Devastated by recent events, the Monohans decide to leave The Gates; the Radcliffes pursue Devon; Brett desperately searches for Andie.

  • A controversial decision threatens to tear the neighborhood apart; Sarah makes a discovery about Devon; Brett reacts to the news that Charlie and Andie are back together.

  • Nick's past comes back to haunt him with demons that are more real than he could imagine; Claire fears her family is in jeopardy when Emily's Aunt Nancy arrives with a social worker; Dana tries to reunite Charlie and Annie.

  • Dylan and Claire turn to Nick for help when Emily is kidnapped; Brett faces the realities of a relationship with Andie.

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