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The Goldbergs is a story of a hilarious family in the 1980s. The parents, Murray and Beverly Goldberg, have a hard time connecting with their children, as Beverly is an over-controlling mother and Murray feels distant and unable to break through to his children. There are three kids, Barry, the oldest, Erica, the teenage girl, and Adam, the nerdy 11 year old, through whose eyes the story is told. Lastly, there is "Pops," the lovable, ridiculous grandpa. In this show, Adam videotapes his family's everyday lives, and as an adult comes back and gives commentary (adult Adam is voiced by Patton Oswalt). Through Adam's videotapes comes the comedic story of a Northeastern family struggling through the 1980's one pop culture reference at a time.

Wednesday 9:30 PM et/p on ABC
3 Seasons, 72 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • In the third season finale, upcoming freshman Adam body slams his way way into impressing the senior class.

  • Beverly and Lainey hate Barry's favorite shirt and plot to get rid of it. Once his shirt goes missing, Barry asks Adam and Erica to find it.

  • Outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage are featured in this special rewind episode.

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