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The Haunted is an Animal Planet original series. The show tells the stories of individuals personal experiences with paranormal activity. All accounts involve happenings with the owners animals or pets. Each episode runs for approximately one hour and focuses on one haunting. This is a documentary style television show. At the beginning of each episode, you meet the individual or family members that have experienced the haunting. In almost all cases, paranormal activity occurs when these people move to a new home or business location. All cases focus on the family pets or farm animals having been affected by the activity first. This then alerts the occupant to the current paranormal activity.

As the individual tells their ghost story, a series of actors depict the occurance. This allows you to see what happened and not rely completely on your imagination. Actual photographic images and videos taken by paranormal teams at the haunted location are also shown. This creates the feel of a reality style horror show for the viewer.

Each haunting is different. In some instances, the tenants remain in their home or business with the entity. This only happens if the spirit shows itself to by nonviolent. In other cases the individuals seek help from local ghost hunters or paranormal investigators to help solve the mystery of the haunting. House cleanings and exorcisms have been performed to help rid the environment of negative energies and spirits. If the work is successful, the individuals remain in the home or business. If activity continues or escalates, most people leave the area and sell the location.

Although this is a program that can be viewed with the family, it is recommended that it not be seen by young children as it can cause nightmares. The Haunted currently has two season available and is still being produced. There are a total of twenty six hauntings available for the viewer to enjoy.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes - New Series
November 22, 2009
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The Haunted Full Episode Guide

  • Employees complain of odd activity in Room 12 of an inn. Concerned, the owners contact a paranormal team to investigate.

  • A family is stalked by an inhuman creature that drains them of their energy. In an attempt to escape, they move to a different home only to discover the evil entity has followed them.

  • A family begins to fear that their home may be haunted by a resident from its past. Once they call in a paranormal team, their worst fears are confirmed.

  • Melissa and her family were confused with the strange activity in their home, until she uncovered a shocking discovery buried beneath her backyard.

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