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The Incredible Hulk was a series of 44 to 48 minute episodes broadcast over five seasons on the CBS network. Following the completion of the fifth season the series was cancelled by CBS and later picked up by NBC who produced three made for TV movies between 1988 and 1990. The character of The Incredible Hulk in the TV series was based on the character found in the Marvel Comics series of comic books; the series starred Lou Ferringo as the Hulk and Bill Bixby as his alter ego David Banner.

A complex story that followed the comic book story of the Hulk closely sees David Banner, a research doctor haunted by the death in an accident of his wife; despite his best efforts Banner was unable to rescue Laura after a car accident and prompts his research into people able to achieve superhuman feats during times of stress. Banner theorises sun spots causing high levels of Gamma radiation are to blame for superhuman feats and exposes himself unknowingly to a large dose of Gamma rays. Following his exposure to radiation Banner finds he turns into a green monster with superhuman strength and a low level of intelligence when he becomes angry or stressed. Wrongly blamed for the deaths of two people Banner sets out on a journey across America as he searches for a cure and to avoid the authorities chasing the Hulk for the murders.

During his travels David Banner uses aliases and picks up odd jobs that sometimes allow him to conduct research into his condition; he also attempts to help people he meets in his form as Banner and the Hulk. During the three made for TV movies produced for NBC the story of the Hulk was resolved in an attempt to end the series for good. Lead actor Bill Bixby was also responsible for directing a series of the episodes in the original run of shows and the final two made for TV movies.

5 Seasons, 85 Episodes - Canceled
March 10, 1978
Drama, Action & Adventure, Superhero
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  • David finds himself in a small town that has been infected by bacteria. Soon, he becomes infected and must find an antidote.

  • A convict captures David and forces him to work as a slave.

  • David's relationship with a young woman is threatened by a lumber baron who tries to force him out of town.

  • David poses as a minster to protect a wounded boy who has been smuggled into the United States from Mexico.

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