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The Jay Leno Show is a nightly talk show that aired on NBC. It starred comedian Jay Leno. Leno was joined by his band leader Kevin Eubanks and his Primetime band mates. Leno would begin every episode with his famous monologue. This was when he would tell jokes about the daily news topics that were trending.

After this, he would have a segment such as headlines, JMZ, stuff we found on eBay, pump casting, jaywalking and ask the audience. This would allow him to interact more with people. During jaywalking segments, Leno would go on the street and ask people easy questions about pop culture, history and other subjects. He would often have a segment called battle of the jaywalk all stars, in which the favorite contestants would compete on his show.

Jay would then host celebrities on his show to ask them questions. This allowed the audience to find out more about their favorite stars. To close out each episode, there would be a musical guest that would play one of their hit songs live on stage. Leno would then end the show and thank his guests for participating.

1 Season, 96 Episodes - Canceled
September 14, 2009
Talk & Interview
The Jay Leno Show
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  • Actress Jessica Alba; Olympian John Shuster.

  • Guest Emma Roberts stops by The Jay Leno Show with the Nine at Nine with Charles Barkley.

  • The Jay Leno Show welcomes comedian Bill Maher and Gretchen Bleiler does 10@10.

  • TV host Wanda Sykes; Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek.

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