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"The Last Days of WWII" chronicles the Allied advance through Europe that ultimately destroyed Hitler's Third Reich. First-hand footage and expert commentary follow the decisive ground battles and strategic bombing missions from D-Day through the capture of Berlin. It also explores the after-effects of the war, from the wrenching drama of the Nuremberg Trials to the revelations of the Nazis' last, desperate acts.

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  • In Tokyo, the Japanese government surrenders unconditionally to the Allies.

  • The world's first atom bombs are dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the Soviet government declares war on Japan for its refusal to respond to demands to surrender.

  • A Japanese submarine sinks the U.S. heavy cruiser Indianapolis in the Philippines; Stalin agrees that the Soviet Union will join in the war against Japan.

  • In Burma, Japanese troops attempt to break east towards the Sittang River; an Allied naval re-supply operation begins in the Pacific; President Truman announces that the atom bomb will be used against the Japanese.

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