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Craig Ferguson is one of the late night comic shows that comes on in the early morning hours. Ferguson is a Scottish comedian who has had a late show the past several years. The first show to a nationwide audience was on January 3, 2010. Ferguson became the replacement for former late, late show host Craig Kilborn. The late,late show with Ferguson is a show that was created by David Letterman, and features Ferguson as the host. Feguson generally opens the show with a monologue and interviews one or two guests. Ferguson employs several running gags. One of his procedures is to rip up the note cards after interviewing the guests. He will be someone who is sticks to standard routines while interviewing, along with his gags. One of his other moves of note is to use hand puppets to entice the audience to laughter.

He also uses Geoff Peterson robot skeleton as part of his on stage routine. The robot skeleton functions as a sidekick. This is a gimmick that has proven to be very popular with the audience. Another thing that Ferguson does is to use certain features such as Crab Week, Magic Week and Shark Week as part of the routines he does while onstage.

The show typically ends with Ferguson showing an animation of the kitten, and asking guests both in the audience and on TV if they learned anything in the preceding hour of television. This is one of Ferguson's stock endings.

The ratings of the show have been respectable with approximately 1.7 million viewers in 2010. This is roughly tied with the other late night show headed by Jimmy Fallon. Ferguson won a Peabody award in 2010. This was reported by the University of Georgia. His CBS show is scheduled to continue until at least 2014. The studio will be moved to a larger venue.

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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson News

'Late Late Show' Chooses Craig Ferguson's Replacement (Report)

And if you're American, you might not have heard of him!

Joel McHale Reportedly Replacing Craig Ferguson as Late Late Show Host

Apparently there's some kind of pipeline from E! to CBS. After news broke that Craig Ferguson would be leaving the "Late Late Show" on CBS, rumors started flying that Chelsea Handler, host of "Chelsea Lately," would be taking over. It made sense, as Chelsea was set to leave her E! show at the expiration of her contract. But those talks apparently fell through (or never happened), and now Chelsea is off to perhaps make a deal with Netflix.

More Late Night Moves: Ferguson Out, Where's Chelsea?

After being passed over for David Letterman's job, Craig Ferguson was almost certainly going to leave CBS. This week, he made it official. Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler is doing her best to make it all about her.

Could Chelsea Handler Replace Craig Ferguson on CBS Late Night?

Could we finally be seeing a woman on CBS late night soon? Earlier today, E! talk show host Chelsea Handler tweeted out a photo of a "business meeting," featuring her sitting with her dog Chunk and looking over some CBS-branded papers. While the pic seems to have been posted solely for the purpose of showing off Chunk's adorable behavior, it lit a firestorm of rumors about Handler's next step.

Late Night Talk Show Hosts Seek to Make Us Smile Despite the Incident in Boston

The incident in Boston affected even late-night hosts Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and Craig Ferguson, who addressed the issue in somber intros.

Jason Alexander Apologizes, Cricket No Longer A 'Gay' Sport

Here we go again. It's not as abrasive as Michael Richards dropping the F-bomb repeatedly. Nevertheless, he stuck his foot in his mouth on Friday's "Late Late Show" by telling Craig Ferguson that cricket is a "gay" sport. Sunday, he issued an honest apology after chatting with some gay friends about it.

White-Powder Scare: CBS Mailroom Receives Suspicious Envelope Aimed at 'Dancing With the Stars'

Tensions once more rose at CBS Television City in Hollywood yesterday when police investigated an envelope that mail room staff reported was spilling white powder. Reports confirmed that the powder was meant for someone associated with "Dancing With The Stars," but not a contestant or on-air personality.

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