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Series Length:8 Seasons, 118 Episodes
Schedule: Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC

The Little Couple is a TV show aired on The Learning Channel that showcases the couple Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, who both have dwarfism. The couple are newlyweds who are just adjusting to married life together, just like any other couple would. They couple buy a new home together and try to decide if they want to start a family together, even though their are risk associated with them having children together.

The Little Couple has currently aired 5 seasons, and more will likely be aired, as it has become a very popular show on The Learning Channel. The shows mainly focuses on the couple and their new life as a married couple, Bill's new job in Houston, Texas, the building of the couple's custom made home, and the couple trying to expand their family.

The show reels in on how life is for people with dwarfism. Life is different because of certain health risks and problems, so more doctor's appointments are involved i their life. Along with this, the couple don't know if they can or should have children together because of their dwarfism, making their life more complicated than the average couple's.

Besides for these drawbacks, life with dwarfism is pretty similar to the life very body else experiences. The couple go shopping, work, have parties and entertain friends, go to the spa, and attend cooking classes. The Little Couple really helps to show us that people with dwarfism really aren't that different from us. After all, they are people too, they are no different.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Reality
Rating: 7.5/10
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  • Jen heads to San Francisco to give a speech and the whole family decides to go to make sure she follows the doctor's orders.

  • After four months of chemotherapy, Jen and Bill reflect on the challenges they have faced together with their new family all while battling a rare form of cancer. Jen's oncologist stops by to deliver updates on her results.

  • Life has taken on a "new normal" now that the family has welcomed Zoey and Jen and Bill strive to establish a sense of balance.

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