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The Lone Ranger is a heartwarming western tale about a man dedicating his life to helping others. He rides a white horse and his best friend was an Indian by the name of Tonto played by Jay Silverheel, a dedicated companion who called him Ke-Mo-Sabi. Tonto was the only one who knew the true identity of the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger always stood for Truth and Justice. This was the slogan of the show, and in the show Justice always prevailed. The show found its beginning with George Trendle, the story of the Lone Ranger dressed in his black mask that only revealed his eyes and his white western outfit rode into the annuals of TV history.

Many guest stars came and went during episodes of the Lone Ranger but certain constants remained. Silver the trusty steed the Lone Ranger sat upon was as much a part of the cast as any. Never did a show end without the horse raising his front legs and the Lone Ranger saying Hi Ho Silver. This was one of the most famous shows on national television. The show was practically a household word. This also was one of the most family oriented shows on the market. The show had a diversified group of people and showed situations that required people to stand up for what was good and right for everyone.

The music helped to create the drama and the excitement. The song made the show famous. There are very few people from that era that do not recognize the music even if they do not know the song. For many the song is simply the song of the Lone Ranger.

The narrator was Gerald Moh the voice behind the drama. The Lone Ranger had gun fights and street brawl, all in self-defense, all in the name of justice. The show stares John Hart for 54 episodes as the Lone Ranger but for 217 shows Jay Silverheels was a constant symbol of the Saga. This famous show filled the afternoons of many people, finding a place in the hearts and memories of millions as The Lone Ranger and Silver faded into the sunset.

13 Seasons, 258 Episodes - Canceled
September 15, 1949
Action & Adventure, Drama
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The Lone Ranger Full Episode Guide

  • Actors Laina and Dewitt Faversham are behind many robberies throughout the West, but when they arrive in Cedar Springs they might have met their match.

  • The Lone Ranger and Dead Eye Jones pursue outlaws in Silver City.

  • After Apache Chief Gray Horse is killed, his son Red Cloud blames The Lone Ranger for leading his father into a trap.

  • An ex-con settles in Tylerville and The Lone Ranger must keep the peace as townspeople don't want him there.

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Hi Ho Silver, We're Done! Johnny Depp's 'The Lone Ranger' Shut Down

As we reported in May, Johnny Depp has long been cast as Tonto in the Jerry Bruckheimer reboot of "The Lone Ranger," playing a much smarter and more PC version of the completely racist sidekick of the masked, crime-fighting white equestrian Lone Ranger, played by "Social Network" alum Armie Hammer. Production had begun on the film, but according to Deadline Hollywood, the plug has been abruptly pulled by Disney.

'Hi-ho, Winklevii!' Armie Hammer is The Lone Ranger

Though Johnny Depp has been cast as Tonto for going on three years now, Jerry Bruckheimer and recently-hired director Gore Verbinski have finally found their titular character.

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