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The Marilyn Denis Show is a Candaian daytime talk and lifestyle show hosted by television and radio host Marilyn Denis. Similar to the Citytv show CityLine that was also hosted by Marilyn Denis until 2008 The Marilyn Denis Show includes lifestyle tips from a regular team of experts and celebrity interviews.

Beginning her career on radio in the state of Idaho, denis returned to her native Canada to continue her radio career in the Canadian province of Calgary. In 1989, Denis became the host of the CityLine show that would feature lifestyle tips; remaining the host of the daytime show until 2008 when Citytv was bought by a rival media company to her radio employer. The Marilyn Denis Show was first announced on the CTV schedules for 2010, but various problems forced the premier of the show back to early 2011.

A regular group of lifestyle experts provides tips for viewers on all kind of lifestyle issues, including gardening, health and nutrition to aid viewers in their everyday lives. Unlike the earlier CityLine shows The Marilyn Denis Show also includes interviews with famous celebrity and entertainment figures known to the Canadian audience.

Broadcast each weekday morning in Canada a compilation shows called The Best of The Marilyn Denis Show is broadcast during the daytime on a Saturday and repeated on Sundays. The Best of The Marilyn Denis Show is a clip show showing what are reported to be the host's personal favorite moments from each week's shows broadcast from Monday to Friday.

Weekdays at 10am & 2pm ET/PT on CTV
2 Seasons, 615 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 10, 2011
Talk & Interview
The Marilyn Denis Show
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