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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a great animated cartoon that was originally started in 2003, but not released until 2008. The basic premise revolves around the main character Flapjack, and his pal, a pirate captain named, Cap'n Knuckles. Although their main objective is always to reach an entire island constructed from candy, they are always sidetracked by adventure. As a result the quest for the mythical island is put on hold, until the adventure, which is usually a debacle, is over.

The plots usually involve Bubbie, as well, the speaking whale who raised flapjack. Between the three, the "adventures" are usually complete failures from the very start, which is what makes the show so entertaining. The creator of the show, Thurop Van Orman, reportedly had a similar upbringing to Flapjack and identifies with him very much. This rings true all the way up to the casting. Originally, a notable actor was slated to record the voice of Flapjack, but he did not show up on the first day of recording. As a result, Van Orman was forced to do all of the voice overs himself. At first, Van Orman was quite unhappy with the situation, however, he has learned to embrace the role, and faithful viewers say that the voice of Flapjack actually, "fits" the character.

Although Bubbie is in fact a main character, she doesn't usually accompany Cap'n Knuckles and Flapjack on their misadventures. She merely serves as a haven for the two when they return. As a result though, she is often quite lonely and longs to travel with them in search of the mythical candy island. Flapjack is forever grateful to Bubbie because if it weren't for her kindness, Flapjack would have never been saved from the treachery of the seas, and Flapjack would not have a place to live either.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 54 Episodes - Canceled
June 5, 2008
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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Full Episode Guide

  • Flapjack tries to clear K'nuckles of being a monstrous candy thief that's tormenting Stormalong. / Flapjack and K'nuckles become fish after eating too much of a new candy.

  • Flap and K'nuckles attempt to take advantage of weather-related panic. / Flap and K'nuckles destroy an idyllic civilization in the clouds.

  • The outrageous adventurer Ponce de Lee-roy convinces K'nuckles he's an immortal. / Flapjack causes an infestation of cats.

  • Flapjack takes a page from Peppermint Larry's book and creates the perfect foil for lonely Dr. Barber. K'nuckles evades an angry mob by getting a fantastic new face.

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