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The Mindy Project is a half hour comedy, based on the personal and professional life of a young doctor, who is practicing in New York City. It stars Mindy Kaling, with Chris Messina, Ed Weeks, Anna Camp, Zoe Jarman, Amanda Setton, Stephen Tobolowsky and Ike Barinholz, rounding out the cast of characters. The series is created and written by Mindy Kaling and is the first series in U.S television history to have a South Asian American as its star. Mindy says her inspiration for the show is based on her mother's life as an OB/gyn.

Mindy Kaling plays the character of Mindy Lahiri to near comedic perfection. Dr. Lahiri, a competent Obstetrician/Gynecologist, has a lot of issues getting her personal life together. She is thirty one years old and fears that Mr. Right may not show up on time. While she waits, she tries to lose weight, balance her accounts, read more, so that she will be a well rounded woman for her future well rounded love. Her love of romantic comedies fuels her search as well as her idea that there is a perfect someone out here for everyone, and the girl always gets the guy.

Chris Messina plays Dr. Danny Castellano, an offbeat fellow doctor who could potentially be a love interest for Dr. Lahiri. His character is quirky and while he is a good doctor, he is not as good as he thinks he is. He is constantly stealing Mindy's clients in the office all the while giving her a hard time about her life. Anna Camp plays her best friend, a lawyer turned soccer mom living in the suburbs. She is always a phone call away whenever Mindy needs her. Ed Weeks' character is Jeremy Reed, a fellow doctor and sometime bedmate for Mindy. Their relationship is purely physical and is not at all helped by the fact that Jeremy is an outrageous womanizer.

The Mindy Project pilot was first proposed with the title of Its Messy to NBC. The script was released from NBC projects and sent to FOX executives on January 27, 2012. The pilot was green lighted on May 9, 2012.

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The Mindy Project Full Episode Guide

  • Mindy tries to impress the hospital's new head of obstetrics.

  • Danny and Mindy's relationship enters uncharted territory. Morgan manipulates Jeremy and Peter into settling their differences.

  • Mindy's tax issues threaten the future of the practice. Peter and Jeremy vie for Lauren's affection.

  • Mindy tries to make a good impression on Danny's mother. Morgan defends himself.

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