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Would you be able to tell the truth? That's the question that "The Moment of Truth" asks of its contestants. The game show pitted contestants against a polygraph test. For every truthful answer they gave, their monetary prizes increased; however if it is detected that they are lying, they lose all of their winnings. There are 21 questions for each contestant, and the questions get progressively harder as they move towards the $500,000 grand prize.

The contestants on "The Moment of Truth" submit to a polygraph before appearing on the show. They are then expected to answer the questions truthfully on national TV and in front of a live audience, including their friends and family. For many, the questions exploit a personal secret that the contestants are keeping. The questions are asked in tiers.

"The Moment of Truth" premiered to rave reviews. Viewers appeared to love the scandalous and voyeuristic nature of the show, and contestants seemed to enjoy vying for such sums of money by simply asking questions; however, by the time the show reached its second season critics began to congregate in masses. Opponents of the show pointed at the destructive nature of the concept and the lives of contestants that had been ruined. One contestant, in particular, answered a series of questions that revealed her marriage to be a farce. She humiliated her police officer husband and their marriage subsequently ended in divorce.

The show, which still enjoyed high ratings initially, was pulled from the network in August of 2009. A third season, which was filmed in advance, was never aired. The show's ratings dropped from a premier high of 23 million viewers to around 8.6 million by the final episode.

2 Seasons, 23 Episodes - Canceled
January 23, 2008
Reality, Game Show
The Moment Of Truth
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