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The Moon Embracing the Sun is a Korean television series. The dramatic and romantic show was based on a famous Korean novel by Jung Eun Gwol. It starred several critically acclaimed Korean acting stars, such as Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun. The show is a historical drama, and focuses on a fictional ruling family of the Joseon Dynasty, which lasted between 1392 and 1897. On the show, a young woman named Heo Yeon Woo is destined to become the bride of the crown prince. This means that eventually, she will one day become queen. Yeon Woo loves the crown prince, so she is very pleased with her life's fate. However, the Dowager Queen plots against Yeon Woo. She seeks the help of a powerful magician to kill Yeon Woo.

Yeon Woo escapes death, fleeing from the area. Unfortunately, in the process, she loses her memories. Still, she feels that she is somehow connected to the crown prince, who is named Hwon. Eight years after disappearance, Yeon Woo returns. She finds that Hwon, who has always loved her, has never forgotten her. Unfortunately, the Dowager Queen still lives, and there are many others within the palace who do not want Yeon Woo to reclaim her title and status.

Yeon Woo, who has herself learned to be a strong shaman, must thwart with murderous plots and contend with dangerous secrets. As the story progress, she tries desperately to return to her rightful place, by the side of Hwon, whom she loves.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 20 Episodes - Canceled
January 4, 2012
Korean Drama
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The Moon Embracing the Sun Full Episode Guide

  • As rumors about the shaman kept in the king's quarters and the return of the crown princess spread throughout the city, conspiracies are disclosed and sacrifices are made as the fight for power comes to a head.

  • After finally realizing Wol's identity, Hwon rushes to the sick village and reunites with Yeonwoo. But their reunion is cut brief when assassins appear in order to kill Yeonwoo.

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