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Chloe King is just your normal, average, everyday teenager, or so she thinks. In the beginning of the show Chloe is just excited that her 16th birthday is finally here and that she will be spending it with her single mother and her closest friends. Only, her day doesn't quite go as she plans.

Suddenly, Chloe is able to do things she has never been able to do before. To top that off someone is following her everywhere that she goes. After these mysterious people try to knock Chloe off she eventually finds out that she comes from a long line of cat-like people called the Mai. She is terrified and of course thinks they are crazy in the beginning.

However, when her cat-like abilities start to get stronger, and the shadowy people continue to get closer, Chloe is forced to listen. She finds out that not only does she have powers that include enhanced speed, super hearing, night vision, agility and strength; she has nine lives as well. The thing that really throws Chloe is that she is said to be the one who must protect the cat people from human assassins. All Chloe wants to be is a normal girl, but that just isn't her destiny.

Eventually, it comes out that the Mai's used to act as protectors and friends of the humans who now hunt them, but a war that was so violent it sent the Mai's into hiding has turned them against humankind. Chloe eventually accepts that she is a cat-like warrior and sets out to not only help her people but save her own life as well. After all she only has nine of them you know, and she is only 16. The show follows Chloe King as she tries to juggle school, friends, and her love life with trying to save her own life and the lives of the family she just discovered as well. This isn't an easy feat for a girl who just wanted to be sweet 16 and live a normal everyday life.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on FreeForm
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled
June 14, 2011
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The Nine Lives of Chloe King Full Episode Guide

  • Chloe agrees to accompany Brian to meet his grandmother who was presumed dead. Chloe finally gets the e-mail she's been waiting for, her father is in San Francisco and needs to see her immediately.

  • Chloe must act quickly to save a naive teenager from a horrible accident.

  • Meredith is displeased when the police bring Chloe home. Meredith looks through Chloe's laptop in an attempt to know what her daughter is up to and is unprepared for what she finds. Chloe can't deny her feelings for Brian, even though she has a deeper connection with Alek.

  • Chloe refuses to turn her back on Kai who needs her help reuniting with his family. Chloe embarks on a dangerous journey into Jackal territory.

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