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Based on the fictional comic strip of the same name by the character Seth Cohen on the television show The O.C., The Atomic County is an animated cartoon that follows a team of superheroes as they battle villains throughout a fictional Newport, California. The characters, including The Ironist, Lil' Miss Vixen and Kid Chino, are all fictionalized versions of O.C. characters, taking aspects of their personalities and turning them into super powers. For example, Lil' Miss Vixen, based on the character of Summer Roberts, has razor sharp credit cards.

The WB
1 Season, 14 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons
The O.C.'s Atomic County
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The O.C.'s Atomic County Full Episode Guide

  • The Industrialist has assembled Newports greatest villains in an attempt to defeat the Atomic kids once and for all, setting up an epic battle between all of our heroes and villains.

  • Taylor (aka Type A) offers her skills as PR manager to the team. But soon after Taylor takes the job, her micromanagement begins to drive the team members crazy.

  • Villain Blinding Abs has the ability to mesmerize all women. Can Kid Chino and the Ironist defeat Cosmo Lass and Lil' Miss Vixen in order to bring him to justice?

  • A jilted Johnny Harper (aka Johnny Tears) is on a hysterical rampage, with his sulfuric acid tears leaving a wake of destruction behind him, because Cosmo Lass won't go out with him. It's up to the Atomic kids to stop him.

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