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The UK sitcom, The Office, is a television show which displays the every day trials and tribulations of an office staff. The staff has an abundance of various characters' each having their own corked personalities. The characters in the show begin with the main character which is the boss of the company. David Brent, the general manager is a character who is immature and is not very liked by many in the office. He is very full of himself and exerts himself to many of the other staff members. Tim is a sales representative at the office, he is one of the most liked characters that are present in the office because of his quirky and funny matter. Gareth is the character in the show who is completely out of the loop when it comes to almost everything; he is Tim's desk-mate. Tim and Gareth have a rivalry and it is shown on screen through many of their actions which are taken into consideration when office occurrences happen.

The office (UK) shows off what the funny and witty part of the business world is really about. Allowing the audience to jump into the humor of seeing what happens behind closed doors at the office. There is even romance which blossoms between two of the staff members. Following the two, see what actually happens when you date a co-worker, in the working field.

This show is a classic British comedy and has seen many new characters throughout the seasons. The show has won multiple awards and has become very well-known.

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3 Seasons, 14 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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  • On the prowl for a companion to the office Christmas party, David's attempts to find a date are so far in vain. Meanwhile, Tim's feelings for Dawn are beginning to resurface, much to the chagrin of Gareth and Keith.

  • Three years after the series, David is a D-list celebrity, Dawn is an illegal immigrant in Florida, Gareth is crazed with power and Tim is stuck in a job he (still) hates. However, with Dawn and Lee coming back to Slough, a reunion is in order.

  • Tim and David are putting it all on the line. Tim, still confused from his kiss with Dawn, decides to put it all on the line when she threatens to move to America. David can't seem to cope with redundancy and begs Neil to reconsider.

  • Gareth is hopping everywhere, Dawn is selling kisses for $1, Neil channels his inner John Travolta and Tim is hiding Gareth's stuff all to raise money for charity. However, everything isn't coming up roses for David!

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Ricky Gervais delivered what the first awards show of the season wanted: buzz! Ricky was asked to host the awards show even though he is known for his off-color humor. So really, I’m not surprised there is a bit of outrage from the stars that he bashed onstage last night. I mean, why hire a celebrity basher to host if you don’t want your celebrities bashed? Ricky came out at first and offended several people in the audience such as Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

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