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A bright-eyed country girl, Denise Lovett, finds more than just shop-girl work when she brings her clever ideas and ambition to Britain's glamorous first department store, The Paradise. Denise is plunged into power struggles, intrigues and romance as she catches the attention of the store's dashing and enigmatic owner, John Moray. Entangled with his powerful financial backer's entitled daughter, Moray harbors a dark secret as well as debts that threaten to ruin his hard-won empire. The Paradise, embodying the progress and the pain of a new age of commerce, is the way of the future. But will that future belong to those who usher it in...and can they have a future together? Source: PBS

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Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on PBS
1 Season, 8 Episodes - Currently Airing
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The Paradise Full Episode Guide

  • With the big day approaching Moray has a big decision to make - can he find the courage when he needs it most? Or will a threatening ghost from the past bring him to his knees?

  • Trouble is brewing despite the expected spectacular event at The Paradise. Will Moray sacrifice the Paradise for love?

  • In an attempt to impress Sam, an overexcited Pauline takes charge over the new attraction at the store - exotic lovebirds. When one bird flies away, Pauline becomes panic-stricken. Meanwhile, Moray commits to a life-changing decision but regrets it immediately.

  • Miss Audrey offers Denise firm counsel, Glendenning makes an attractive offer to Moray, and Katherine gives Moray the promise of solace. But can Moray truly love again?

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