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The Practice is a television situational comedy and drama series about crime and civil disputes and the activities of partners of a particular law firm in Boston. This law firm was owned by Robert Donnell and his Associates. The episodes were concerned about the law firm and how it handled popular civil and criminal cases about current events. The series aimed at portraying the proceedings of the American legal system.

The beginning of the series saw the owner of the law firm Donnell hire assistant lawyers and other members of staff. Donnell, at the time he was opening the firm had a vision of being at the service of the ingenuous people in society and protecting the. His dream was shattered when he found out the people he was trying to protect were the ones who kept a job like his going forward. Without such criminals he would not have any customers.

The members of the crew included Dylan McDermott who played the role of Bobby Donnell. he was the main attorney in the firm and from all indications his character did not suit the nature of his job. He struggled being a lawyer as his principles and the demands of the profession were contrasting.

Michael Badalucco played the role of Jimmy Berluti and was one of Donnell's associates and later became a partner of the firm. Being a Christian, he saw himself struggling with issues related to his conscience and his addictions.

Lara Boyle who starred as Helen Gamble was an assistant associate who would stop at nothing to prosecute all those who were guilty.

The drama aired on ABC for eight seasons with a total of 168 episodes. The series was developed and created by David Kelley and was co-produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Kelley Productions.

All the episodes of The Practice are available on DVD including a part that covered the processes of setting up The Practice.

8 Seasons, 172 Episodes - Canceled
March 4, 1997
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  • At Crane, Poole & Schmidt, Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore appear before Judge Eugene Young, and Hannah Rose (Rebecca De Mornay) recuperates from the punch she suffered at the hands of Ellenor. Meanwhile, Jamie takes a position at Berluti's new legal shingle, and Ellenor invites Bobby Donnell (guest star Dylan McDermott) to help his former colleagues bid an official goodbye to the old firm, as they each embark on the next phase of their professional lives.

  • Eugene considers an exciting new offer for his future... could this mean the end of the practice? Meanwhile, Jimmy is shaken by an ominous run-in with neighborhood lawyer Lenny Pescatore (Vincent Pastore), as their turf war heats up, and Ellenor clashes with sexy and ruthless attorney Hannah Rose (Rebecca De Mornay) of Crane Poole & Schmidt.

  • Eugene is presented with an offer he finds hard to refuse, and Ellenor is shocked when she hears the news, knowing full well that any departure by Eugene would mean the beginning of the end of the practice. Meanwhile, Jimmy is confronted by crooked lawyer Lenny Pascatore (Vincent Pastore), who claims that the neighborhood only has room for one practicing attorney. Across town at Crane, Poole & Schmidt, Denny Crane ruffles some feathers by making Tara his personal paralegal, and Hannah Rose (Rebecca De Mornay) enlists Shore's help in handling an assault case involving two hockey players.

  • Jimmy Berluti takes the firm by surprise when he leaves to pursue his own practice, and Alan Shore gets an immediate taste of what life is like at the law firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt.

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