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The Housewives favorite episodes from all the seasons.

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The Real Housewives: Personal Faves Full Episode Guide

  • Kim's Fave: It's a kiddie birthday party, ATL style! Kim's favorite episode is when she throws her daughter Brielle a birthday party at a hotel. What, no pony?

  • LuAnn's Fave: LuAnn's trifecta of summer fun: surfing, Rosie and grooving with her best gays at the Tea Dance!

  • Jill's Fave: It's family first for Jill: "One of the reasons I did the show was to have a living diary of my family. Since my parents live in Florida, the show connects us via the Television almost every night.

  • Jeana's Fave: Weird things happen when you leave the OC. Jeana and her daughter Kara¬''s road trip to Berkley takes an interesting turn when they encounter ¬'bums¬' and ¬'hippies¬'.

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