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The Real Housewives: Personal Faves invites fans to enjoy the favorite episodes of select cast members as they reflect on each treasured installment of their highly praised series. From catfights to international travel, the favored episodes of beloved housewives keep viewers connected to the drama and decadence of some of the most affluent women in America.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
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The Real Housewives: Personal Faves Full Episode Guide

  • Kim's Fave: It's a kiddie birthday party, ATL style! Kim's favorite episode is when she throws her daughter Brielle a birthday party at a hotel. What, no pony?

  • LuAnn's Fave: LuAnn's trifecta of summer fun: surfing, Rosie and grooving with her best gays at the Tea Dance!

  • Jill's Fave: It's family first for Jill: "One of the reasons I did the show was to have a living diary of my family. Since my parents live in Florida, the show connects us via the Television almost every night.

  • Jeana's Fave: Weird things happen when you leave the OC. Jeana and her daughter KaraÂ''s road trip to Berkley takes an interesting turn when they encounter Â'bumsÂ' and Â'hippiesÂ'.

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