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Series Length:25 Seasons, 335 Episodes
Schedule: Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is an MTV original reality show that pits former cast members of two of their other reality shows against each other in various games and challenges. The contestants come from the shows The Read World and Road Rules. The Real World is just a group of people in a house being filmed, but Road Rules is another challenge-oriented show. Nonetheless, some players from both shows have historically been good contenders. The show's name was shorted to The Challenge after 19 seasons. It originally went on air in 1998.

While most of the participants are ex Road Rules and The Real World cast members, there have been some special shows that included faces that were new to MTV reality shows. Many of the seasons have also had themes such as "The Battle of the Sexes" and "Gauntlet." In each season, the contestants have split off into two teams, not always by on which show they originally appeared. Throughout the season, the two teams are pitted against each other in different challenges. At the end of each episode, two cast members are chosen as the two who deserve elimination most based on a vote. These two individuals battle each other to see who will go home and who will stay on the show.

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge has had several specials. There is a reunion at the end of every season where cast mates come together and talk about their experiences filming the show. Sometimes, there are touching moments as cast mates discuss their positive experiences. However, there is also drama as rivals continue their disagreements. There is also an episode after the seasons end that shows clips that were taken out during editing. These episodes typically occur in a studio. The show itself is filmed on location in a variety of countries.

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Genre: Reality
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  • This season things are switched up when the challengers learn they will be free agents, and the only way to stay in the game is to win.

  • The cast reunites to discuss the drama that went down that season.

  • The final two men and women's teams compete in physical and mental challenges. Who will win the grand prize?

  • An hour of unseen hook-ups and out-of-control behavior.

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Sexual Assault Allegations Strike MTV's 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge'

Two different disturbing reports have surfaced this week concerning allegations of sexual abuse committed by "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" cast and crew members, and a male "Real World: San Diego" cast member making an alleged violent threat against a lesbian roommate.

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