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Series Length:4 Seasons, 32 Episodes
Network: ITV

Adapted from the works of author Ruth Rendell, these mysteries follow investigations into a variety of crimes that often revolve around love, obsession and betrayal.

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Genre: Mystery
Rating: 8/10
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  • Meanwhile another body is dumped outside Contemporary Cars, it is Roxanne, one of the hostages. The pathologist confirms that she died falling from a height, but without a struggle - she was trying to escape from her imprisonment. Wexford still continues to search for clues to where the cell was and then finds out that Slesar was working with the Scared Globe and is in fact the mole. After the cell is found and a search of a house complete, a dramatic ending is on the cards...

  • Wexford spends the night filled with nightmares about Dora, while Roxanne one of the hostages is taken away. On the television an announcement confirms that the bypass is to be postponed. Meanwhile Burden's wife Jenny remembers a former pupil who at school had stood out for animal rights etc. The remaining hostages are comforting each other, and then Dora is taken hooded from the cell. Wexford is just about to go to bed when Dora appears at the door, the next day she tells about the captors but it is not too much.

  • As matter's come to a head between construction workers and the tree protesters, 'Contemporary Cars' is raided by masked and armed gangs. Meanwhile Dora Wexford is taken hostage along wit four other people who have also used Contemporary Cars. Meanwhile the by-pass protesters become more violent, Sergeant Slesar is instructed to go undercover into the tree house camp. In the captivity cell tensions spill into violence - a guard points a gun at Dora and fires...

  • To Detective Chief Inspector Wexford's dismay a by-pass is to be built around Kindsmarkham that will destroy an area of natural beauty. The plans have attracted the attention of environmental activists who attempt to disrupt the construction work by building tree houses and demonstrating in the town. Tension mounts. In the wood protesters uncover the badly decomposed body of a missing German student. She had last been seen some months earlier outside the Brigadier Pub, having called a taxi...

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