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The Sparticle Mystery is a television series that tells the story of children fifteen years and younger left on the Earth by themselves after everyone older than fifteen disappears. Karim Zeroual plays Sadiq who is one of the leaders for the Sparticles that guides a group of children on their quest to find older children and adults. Wesley Nelson plays Jeffery who is a Rancher known for his independence and use of resources to benefit him and the other children. Megan Jones plays Tia who is a Rancher that begins to develop a deep relationship with Jeffery while staying behind at the City Hotel.

The Sparticle Mystery was created by Alison Hume. Alison Hume is an award winning television writer. This Sparticle Mystery was picked up by CBBC and aired in 2011. The following year season two aired on television.

During the initial plot lines of The Sparticle Mystery an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider building terribly goes wrong. The Sparticle Project causes a group of children fifteen years and younger to travel to another dimension. Once in another dimension the children realize that they are own their own and anyone over fifteen is nowhere to be found. At first the children see their world like a fun playground filled with no rules and authority. They greatly enjoy their new freedom in this dimension. With resources becoming scarce the group of children decide to go on a quest to find those fifteen and older so that the two dimensions can become one again. Some children travel on the quest while others stay at the City Hotel and help make useful resources. It becomes a realization for the children that they must take care of themselves while they explore their dimension and hope to find other civilization. Their livelihood begins to depend on their will to fight making this science fiction series thrilling and enticing to watch.

A co-production of Sparticles Productions. Thirteen episodes were completed for the first season of the series. In the second season there were ten completed episodes that aired on television. In the U.S this television series was shown on CBBC and distributed worldwide by Cake Entertainment.

2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
February 14, 2011
Children, Science Fiction
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The Sparticle Mystery Full Episode Guide

  • The Sparticles finally make their way to the Quantum Nexus and attempt to bring the adults back to their world.

  • As the Sparticles and their rivals begin to close in on the Quantum Nexus, allegiances are challenged and sides are switched.

  • The Sparticles are imprisoned by a group of traders, who think they've stolen a shipment of chocolate intended for Fizzy.

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