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The Starter Wife is a television mini series based on a novel with the same name. This television series falls into the genres of romance, comedy, and drama, and it has an approximate running time of about 1 hour per episode. The Starter Wife primarily airs on the USA network, and it has been rated as 13. Also, this television series was directed by Jon Avnet, and it was written by Gigi Levangie, Josann McGibbon, and Sara Parriott. Furthermore, The Starter Wife was produced by Jon Avnet, Stephanie Davis, Jeffrey M. Hayes, Howard Klein, Gigi Levangie, Josann McGibbon, Marsha Oglesby, Sara Parriott, Brett Popplewell, Paul D. Goldman, and Peter Lauritson, and it stars many well known actor's and actresses such as Judy Davis, Chris Diamantopoulos, Peter Jacobson, Stephen Moyer, Anika Noni Rose, Novella Nelson, Aden Young, Joe Mantegna, Debra Messing, Bethany Whitmore, Brielle Barbusca, Mirand Otto, and Trilby Glover.

This mini television series is mainly focused around a woman by the name of Molly Kegan. Molly is a 41-year-old woman, who has a 5-year-old daughter named Jaden. Molly is married to a man named Kenny Kegan. Kenny is the president of production at the well known and popular Durango Pictures, and he has become somewhat of a film mogul to the world around him. Unfortunately, Kenny begins seeing another woman and decides to leave his wife to be with this much younger woman.

This young woman's name is Shoshanna, who is half the age of Molly. Shoshanna is an inspiring pop music singer looking to reach stardom. Meanwhile, Molly has to endure this divorce with Kenny, and learn how to find her own role in the film industry, as well as try to redefine herself as a divorced woman. To make things harder for Molly, the community around her seems to want nothing to do with her since the divorce. However, Kenny's life is going to crumble soon when Shoshanna leaves him after he looses his job. He finds out that Shoshanna was only using him to move up her career.

2 Seasons, 15 Episodes - Ended
May 31, 2007
Mini-Series, Drama
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The Starter Wife Full Episode Guide

  • Molly finds her life in transformation as The Starter Wife season finale kicks off. Although Molly's movie Wife Goes On is green lit, she is unable to enjoy fully the moment as her life and the lives of her friends seem to be in turmoil.

  • With the police investigating Pappy's disappearance, Joan makes her return to Los Angeles.

  • Molly and Zack reevaluate their relationship after a confrontation with Molly's stalker.

  • Kenny calls to tell Molly that Jolie Driver, the powerful talent agent who happens to be Zach's ex-wife, has read Molly's script and wants to have lunch with them to discuss some of her actresses.

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