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The Tick is a super hero who does not know his own limitations. He really does not want to know what they are, because he would not be able to solve crimes. The Tick and his trusty side kick Arthur battle crime in the big city. They also meet several friends along the way, like American Maid.

3 Seasons, 36 Episodes - Canceled
November 8, 2001
Comedy, Action & Adventure, Superhero
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The Tick Full Episode Guide

  • The Tick is teaching a class of student super heroes when a company mascot named Uncle Creamy begins to exact revenge against his former employer, the local ice cream factory for accidentally turning him into a living ice cream cone. The company hires a second mascot to replace and fight Uncle Creamy and the Tick and his class get involved.

  • The Tick and Arthur find themselves stuck in the past 3.5 million years ago! They join up with a tribe of apemen who are subsequently captured and forced to work in a hotel by the owner, a humanoid from the distant future.

  • Chairface Chippendale plans to steal a body-switching device from a mad scientist convention by sending Professor Chromedome to do his dirty work. Through all the chaos that ensued in the acquisition of the device, The Tick wound up in a zebra, Arthur wound up in a giant tongue, and Chromedome wound up in the Tick. Chromedome ran back (in the Tick's body) to Chairface in eight minutes flat (and lifted up a dump truck along the way) to the shock of his employer. Chairface then used the device to switch himself into the Tick's body and Chromedome into Chairface's.

  • The Tick switches places with Éclair, a superheroine from Belgium, in the name of international relations. The Breadmaster decides to take over The City with gingerbread men in the Tick's absence. Meanwhile, The Tick goes disco dancing in Belgium, with Éclair's sidekick, Blitzen and has to fight some European supervillains.

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The Tick Set for Reboot at Last

Fans of the cult hit The Tick have been holding their collective breath for close to two years as rumors of a reboot on Amazon have led nowhere. It may finally be time for those fans to breathe again.

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