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The Unit is a television show that first aired in 2006. It is a series about the lives of the men and women who serve in the Army as well as the lives of the family that stays at home. The Unit is the name for the Army's Delta Force team. The Unit is stationed at a fictional army base called Fort Griffith. The wives of the men in this unit also play a significant role; The wives of these men never know when their husbands will be called away nor do they know where they are when they are on a mission. They don't know where their husbands are and what kind of mission they are on. It is just their responsibility to interact with anyone who is not a Unit family member.

The men of The Unit are Special Forces and they form a Combat Applications Group. They deploy to missions all over the world. The Army and the United States government can both deny the existence of this group in order to prevent an international incident. The leader of the group has the code name Snake Doctor.

The Unit is such a classified group that the wives are told not to even mention the name The Unit. That if a wife did it could cause her husband to have to leave the group and go back to regular army details. The commander of The Unit states that it would not bother him at all to destroy a family in order to preserve the secrecy of The Unit.

4 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Canceled
March 7, 2006
Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime
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  • While Jonas is tracking down a Russian terrorist cell, a kidnapped Molly is used as bait. As you cloud see on the last episode Sam is involved in the kidnapping of Molly. What will happen and how will it finish.

  • A random incident throws Jonas and Bob's carefully planned mission into chaos.

  • When Sam attacks Bridget, the other members of the Unit must hunt him down.

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