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The Waltons is a family drama that stars Ralph Waite, Richard Thomas, Michael Learned, Ellen Corby, Will Greer, Judy Norton, Jon Walmsley, Mary Beth McDonough, David W. Harper and Kami Cotler. The show is about the Walton family who live on Walton’s Mountain in Virginia. John and Olivia Walton live with their seven kids. The kids are named John Boy, Mary Ellen, Erin, Jason, Jim Bob, Ben and Elizabeth.

The family lives with their grandparents named Zeb and Esther. During the series, Zeb dies suddenly and the loss drastically changes the family. Esther has her own struggles as well after she has a stroke and has problems with her speech and mobility. Olivia and John love each other a lot and have spent many years trying to build a strong lumber business. The family often struggles but they always have their foundation of love to get them through.

The children often face dilemmas that their parents help them with. The show focuses on how the family members interact together and with other residents of the town. Faith, love and perseverance are often stressed by the narrator throughout the series as he tells the story according to John Boy Walton.

Warner Bros.
9 Seasons, 220 Episodes - Canceled
September 14, 1972
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The Waltons Full Episode Guide

  • When John Boy goes to New York to find out the status of his book, he runs into bad luck and an old friend. When his publisher gives him some money to get back to home, John Boy begins to have a new look about the way he was living his life. Meanwhile, the Baldwin sisters begin planning a party to gather their old friends from finishing school.

  • When Mary Ellen learns that a dying mountain man has allowed a nearby man to marry his 14 year-old granddaughter, she decides to take the girl home to keep her safe, only to have the neighbor kidnap Elizabeth. Upon finding rescuing her from Job, Elizabeth helps him from receive a light sentence. Meanwhile, as this is occurring, the Baldwin sisters are excited when a favorite cousin comes to visit.

  • When Stanley proposes to Rose, she happily accepts. But when she begins suffering from heartburn, she goes to the doctor and finds out that she has a heart condition that requires medication, Rose soon calls off their engagement. Heartbroken, Stanley leaves the mountain, but eventually comes back and with the help of Ike, he is able to persuade Rose to ultimately get married to him. Meanwhile, Cindy begins to work in nearby Charlottesville, only to realize how much she misses being around to see her daughter grow up.

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