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The Wonder Years is a classic comedy television series that aired for six seasons. The show centered on the everyday lives of the Arnold family in a middle class suburban community in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Kevin Arnold was the show's main character; he was a typical and angst-ridden youngster who dealt with all of the problems that a normal kid encounters in junior high school. The head of the household is Jack Arnold, a tough-as-nails ex-marine who rules the house with an iron fist and gentle heart. Norma Arnold is Jack's husband and the real engine that runs the family machine. Wayne Arnold is the middle child of the family and the bane of Kevin's existence. Karen Arnold is the oldest child and is the apple of Jack's eye. However her free-spirited look on life and her typical teenage rebellion causes her to butt heads frequently with her father.

The love of Kevin's life is Winnie Cooper. She is literally the girl next door, and she is the prime focus of Kevin's affections during the entire run of the show. Kevin's best friend is the dorky and lovable Paul Pfeiffer. Kevin and Winnie have many ups and downs during their lives. Shortly after Kevin and Winnie shared their first kiss, Winnie's brother was killed in Vietnam, and her family decided to move away. They would make up and break up several times over the lifetime of the show, but their love never seemed to wane.

The Wonder Years was an enormous critical and ratings success. It was a top-rated Nielson show for four out of the six seasons. Just months after its debut, the show won the Emmy award for Most Outstanding Comedy Series, and the 13 year old show lead, Fred Savage, became the youngest nominee for Most Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. Over the show's six seasons it gathered a total of 22 Emmy wins.

The Wonder Years introduced one of the most unique methods of storytelling ever seen in television. An adult Kevin Arnold, voiced by Daniel Stern, narrated each episode. The Wonder Years is the telling of an average family's story, but it is done in a remarkable and emotional fashion.

6 Seasons, 115 Episodes - Canceled
January 31, 1988
Comedy, Drama, Family
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The Wonder Years Full Episode Guide

  • Kevin is heartbroken when he finds out Winnie has a new boyfriend Eric, and then loses his money and car in a poker game against the cooks at the country club. Returning home by hitchhiking leads to Kevin and Winnie spending a night in a barn during a storm. They arrive home in time for the Fourth of July parade where we find out the futures of each of the cast by narration.

  • Kevin chases after Winnie who has taken a job at a out of town country club as a lifeguard.

  • The Arnold's go back to Norma's hometown to attend her 25-year high school reunion.

  • It's a case of the men vs. the women when Winnie scores high on her SAT's and Norma gets a high paying job in a new company.

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