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The World’s…and Me is a British Television show and documentary that chronicles the lives of people and things around the world who have characteristics that make them extraordinary. Directed By Kate Townsend and hosted by Mark Dolan, The World’s and Me is a stunning documentary about people and pets who have some stunning addictions, abnormalities and families. Mark Dolan travels around the world to interview individuals categorized as extraordinary as well as document what a “normal” day is for them and how the world around them reacts to their existence.

The World’s…and Me aired been 2008-2010 and had some wildly popular episodes such as:

Plastic Fantastic: In this episode, Mark travels to meet Jenny, a 33-year-old woman who loves plastic surgery. She has had so many procedures done that many online blogs labeled her as being only 32% real and 68% plastic. Jenny does not believe that she has a problem and tries to ignore the blogs and the online rumors posted about her. Many doctors however do not believe her and has gone so far as to diagnose her with Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

The World’s Cleverest Child and Me: In this episode, mark travels to Seattle where he meets Adora Svitak a child literary genius that has written over 400 short stories and is a guest speaker at various corporate events. Mark then travels to Malaysia and Adi Putra, a nine-year old boy that is considered a mathematical wizard. As Mark travels around, he tries to investigate whether these children are the product of nature or if their smarts are the product of their parents and social influences.

As Mark travels around the world, he investigates why these extraordinary people act the way they do. The documentary is a display of how different each facet of society is and how each society treats differently to their own people.

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3 Seasons, 12 Episodes
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The World's... and Me
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The World's... and Me Full Episode Guide

  • Mark travels to the US and Brazil to meet three people who have taken plastic surgery to new extremes.

  • From Thailand to Russia, and Ohio to Dubai, Mark Dolan embarks on a quest to find the world's richest teenager and to discover if the silver-spoon life is really such a wonderful thing…

  • Mark Dolan journeys to Tonga, Mexico and Texas in search of some of the worlds fattest families.

  • Mark travels across the USA and to Thailand and back to meet some of the world's most identical twins.

  • Mark sets off on a global quest to learn the truth about families with ten or more children. What dictates the choices of some people to have large families and how do they operate?

  • In 2000, eight-year-old Richard Sandrak shocked the world with his incredible bodybuilder physique. Trained up by his fitness fanatic dad from the age of three, he was unofficially…

  • Mark tries to find out why some women take breast implants to extraordinary extremes.

  • Immersing himself in the lives of child geniuses, Mark meets children with mind-boggling mental capacities. But are these young masterminds a force of nature or the product of intensive…

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