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Thomas and Friends is a delightful program for children addressing the topic of friendship. It is a story taken from a classic children's book about the adventures of Thomas the steam engine and all his friends. Each animated episode is narrated by the author who made the changes in character through tone and voice inflection. But now a variety of voices are used for each character. Viewers are invited in to watch with a catchy theme song. And each episode always ends with a sing-a-long jingle.

The story takes place in the make believe island of Sodor. Sir Topham Hat is the owner of the railway, and Mr. Conductor operates the daily activities of the roundhouse. The main characters are in the person of eight steam engines. Thomas is the original character based on a toy train that is blue with the number one on the side. Edward is another main character that is larger than Thomas. It is blue with a number two and pulls freight or passengers. Henry the number three green engine who primarily runs when Gordon doesn't. Gordon is the big blue number four engine that does the special pulls and rescue runs. James the red number five engines is very proud of his color and only pulls coaches. Percy is the small green, number six engine who remains strong against bullies. He is the balance to the determined Thomas. Toby is number seven and performs special duties. The last main character is Emily, a dark green number eight engine who is the first female and serves as the sister figure to all the other engines.

There are the people of the Island of Sodor, animals, and non-rail vehicles that interact with the main engine characters in the stories. Children will benefit on how to deal with their emotions and relationships with others by viewing these wholesome character building stories.

4 Seasons, 68 Episodes
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  • Thomas in Trouble: Thomas is asked to take the school choir to a concert.Toby's Triumph : When Toby is asked to take a famous opera singer to a concert, his worrisome nature gets in the way of completing the job.

  • Thomas and the Spaceship: Percy sees flashing lights and is convinced a spaceship is nearby. Dream On: Spencer boasts that he is faster, shinier and stronger than Thomas.

  • Gordon and the Mechanic: Gordon picks up the wrong person at the station.Thomas and the Storyteller: Thomas is asked to give a famous storyteller a tour of Sodor.

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