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Thorn Birds is a classic epic mini-series based upon the novel of the same name. Spanning decades and following the central character of Meggie Cleary, Thord Birds more than holds its own among the best of historical family sagas. The mini-series deviates little from the book, and the central love story, centered around Meggie and an Irish Catholic Priest, comes to life in the likes of Richard Chamberlain and Sydney Penny.

Hollywood black-and-white veteran Barbara Stanwyck brings a touch of Old Tinseltown grandness to the ensemble cast, which encompasses some two dozen characters, including Meggie's six brothers. That Meggie is the only girl in a family of men is the least of her challenges. She is also raised to be a fool, and indeed grows into an innocent woman who knows nothing about sex up to the very moment of her wedding night.

Meggie's stomping grounds, the Australian outback, give Thorn Birds the sweeping background landscapes and cinematographic vistas that have made the movie a beloved classic. The crux of the story is not only Meggie's coming of age, her numerous struggles, the shame of having an eccentric mother, but her ongoing affair with father Ralph de Bricassart.

This secret passion dominates the whole of the mini-series, and is not without its twists, ups/downs, reversals, and blistering moments. Thorn Birds debuted in 1983, commanding the second largest audience for a mini-series ever, and the few passionate kisses Father Ralph and Meggie share, their secret panting behind closed doors, their stolen holidays at a faraway island resort make for scintillating scenes. Along the way the lovers are nearly thwarted by jealous outsiders, gossiping neighbors, judgmental parishioners, and even Meggie's family members.

There is an absorbing "rags to riches" element about the Thorn Birds as well. Meggie is but the baby girl of a desolate farmer who's rich sister, Mary Carson, is controller of a vast international corporate network. As if. Still, the powerful and rich Mary makes for a wonderful god-like character whose machinations go a long way toward propelling the action forward, and tossing together the story's main lovers.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Canceled
March 27, 1983
Korean Drama
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Thorn Birds Full Episode Guide

  • Part 2 of the saga of forbidden love between ambitious Archbishop Ralph de Bricassart and willful Meggie Cleary

  • Part 1 of the saga of forbidden love between ambitious Archbishop Ralph de Bricassart and willful Meggie Cleary

  • The truth behind the video clip is revealed. Yoo Kyung finds out about her hospital diagnosis.

  • Han Byul's dizziness worries Young Jo and Jung Eun. The video clip of Jung Eun seven years ago resurfaces.

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