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The residents of Milford (a small town about two hours from Boston), start to live each day as if it was their last (carpe diem taken to the extreme), when scientist prove that their is a meteor headed straight for Earth and it will crash land right in their town square. The only hitch is that they have no idea when it will hit! It could be 5 hours, days, weeks, or even decades. The series will focus on a single family and how this news influences and changes their lives.

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ABC Family
1 Season, 8 Episodes - Ended
Science Fiction, Drama
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Three Moons Over Milford Full Episode Guide

  • Laura's marriage to Carl makes her a target of the IRS; Lydia goes to extremes to get closer to Jonah; and Michelle searches for a mate online.

  • When Milford's priest decides to stop being a man of the cloth, the town starts confessing to each other and finds out baring your soul doesn't always set it free.

  • When Mack's high school wrestling rival Roarke Monaghan (guest star Corin Nemec "Stargate SG-1") returns to Milford as a successful, high profile lawyer, Mack takes him on in a re-match to finally set the record straight.

  • Pete Watson (Richard Kind "Spin City") is a mild mannered bank employee and community theatre activist with a panache for Mamet, but a chain of events make him rob the bank and hold everyone hostage.

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