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Three Moons Over Milford is a science fiction drama TV series that takes place in a small town in Vermont. The series is set at a time when the moon has been hit by a large asteroid that has shattered it into three pieces. The pieces of the moon threaten to fall and destroy life on Earth.

Three Moons Over Milford follows a tight knit family and several other people in the village as they try to live their lives with the threat of a possible Armageddon looming. Three Moons Over Milford premiered in 2006 on the ABC family channel. The show ran for one season and a total of 8 episodes were aired.

1 Season, 8 Episodes - Canceled
August 6, 2006
Science Fiction, Drama
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Three Moons Over Milford Full Episode Guide

  • Laura's marriage to Carl makes her a target of the IRS; Lydia goes to extremes to get closer to Jonah; and Michelle searches for a mate online.

  • When Milford's priest decides to stop being a man of the cloth, the town starts confessing to each other and finds out baring your soul doesn't always set it free.

  • When Mack's high school wrestling rival Roarke Monaghan (guest star Corin Nemec "Stargate SG-1") returns to Milford as a successful, high profile lawyer, Mack takes him on in a re-match to finally set the record straight.

  • Pete Watson (Richard Kind "Spin City") is a mild mannered bank employee and community theatre activist with a panache for Mamet, but a chain of events make him rob the bank and hold everyone hostage.

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