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Tierra de Cantores is a Colombian telenovela that covers the story and culture of the vallenata singer. The journey covers four generations revolving around the vallenato, reliving the beginnings of this rhythm music all the way to the end of the 19th century. This television show is a drama/soap opera that details the lives of musicians and their journey to fulfill their dreams amongst trouble and strife.

In the first generation, Emiliano Larios is a young man who likes singing vallenato music. With the combination of his family pressures and alleged vocation, he decides to enter the priesthood. However, appears a young woman named Blanca, who arrives in Italy after surprising her husband being unfaithful with another man in her life.

Blanca, unlike Emiliano, is part of a wealthy family of the region. On his return from Italy, Emiliano finds that his brother, Macario, after taking over the estate of his father has run into some big trouble. He has been accused of exploiting workers. For this reason, and also having written authorization from his late father, Blanca takes command of the situation but manages to locate Giuseppe, her husband. Giuseppe seeks revenge on Blanca and Blanca does everything in her power to stay away from him.

After a few days, Blanca and Emiliano fall in love and form a relationship. This causes Blanca tons of criticism, mainly from Macario, the mother of Emiliano and the priest of the village. She sees the relationship as sinful, considering Blanca's past of non-purity and marriage.

In the second generation, headlined by Abel Moscote and Ada Luz. Abel sets his eyes on Ada, a future national beauty queen. Abel loses his ability to play the accordion because of one of his mistresses. A woman named Mimi Amaya will give life to Conrad, an accordionist that pretends to be a man in order to be able to play in public, because it is not allowed for women to do this craft in this era. Through time, a new crop of musicians are born bringing a new potential queen who has aspirations of her own, and a first time station owner on the coast.

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4 Seasons, 43 Episodes
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Tierra de Cantores Full Episode Guide

  • Héctor destruye las im'ágenes del video. Emiliano y su grupo graban su disco, ganan triple disco platino. Héctor intenta matarlo y falla. Emiliano tiene un gran recibimiento, se casa con Mayte.

  • Emiliano obtiene la ayuda del senador para hacer el concierto en el pueblo. Lorena trabaja en la realización del video de Emiliano. Alicia llega al concierto y se alegra por el éxito de su hijo.

  • Emiliano tiene un accidente, tiene una visión donde le cuentan la historia de sus antepasados y sus aportes a la música de la región y revive. Jhony roba todo el dinero del proyecto.

  • Raimundo delega a Lorena la realización de la película, ella autoriza a Jhony para manejar el dinero. Emiliano propone matrimonio a Mayte, ella lo rechaza. Salomón pide a Emiliano que grabe un video.

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