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To The Beautiful You is a television series centered on the life and experiences of a beautiful lady who got inspired by a sports man whom she saw on television competing for a high jump title. She watched this guy keenly during the event he was competing for and was amazed to find out that this guy Kang Tae whom she admired so much was a gold medalist in the high jumping sports. She admired his skills and talents so much so that she started adoring him.

Unfortunately during one of the competitions while Kang was participating he injured himself terribly and this was so serious that it put an end to his career as a high jumper. This meant Kang would not be able to compete in high jumping never again. But since Jae-hee had developed so much admiration for Kang and wanted to see him quite often, she changed her identity and assumed she was a boy just to have access to attend the same school as her favorite former high jumper Kang.

The series was written by Lee Young-chul from inspiration she got from a book Hana Kimi written by Hisaya Nakayo. It was directed by joint efforts of Jun Ki-sang and Sulli Choi.

The sixteen episodes series was produced by the company SM Entertainment and it aired on the Seoul broadcasting System Channel.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
August 15, 2012
Korean Drama
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To the Beautiful You Full Episode Guide

  • With Nationals fast approaching, Tae Joon has to focus on preparing for the competition. Jae Hee keeps her troubles a secret from Tae Joon so she won't distract him.

  • Eun Gyul is overcome by a sense of betrayal when he discovers Jae Hee is a girl and has a hard time accepting her.

  • When Tae Joon's family issues begin to affect his jumping, Jae Hee steps in to resolve them.

  • When Tae Joon becomes someone's target, Jae Hee investigates as to who is trying to injure him.

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